Ace of Hearts
20 Brand New Poker Games

“Ambush Power Poker” presents a new approach to over 20 brand-new, exciting poker games. Players begin playing with a new outlook on poker-life … then the fun begins!

People play poker games for many reasons. Surprise and power are two of them. Gambling is an option. Poker players share a common interest for action, variety, and sheer joy.

The surprise and thrill of turning over the final card that brings the house down … is like no other experience.

The cards control an unfolding mystery that carries each player … with mounting pressure and anticipation … to the end of their own game. Lady Luck is the fickle expert in these brand-new poker games … but the outcome is still in the player’s hands!

Lady Luck is definitely the “Mistress of Power” in these 20+ brand-new poker card games. There are also several brand-new powerful poker hand additions to spice up the play … which could also be used in traditional poker games.

Get this new book and start enjoying over 20 exciting, brand-new types of poker games … by yourself … or with your friends.

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And before you ask … Yes, smug looks will disappear! Skill is required … but Lady Luck can be a real friend … nor not!

Lady Luck
Lady Luck – Friend or Tease

Yes … she certainly has a pointed set … but don’t be foolish enough to think she’s willing. She may tease you with a hot-blown kiss … but she might not even know the outcome herself! She is just watching you … to find out what you will do!

Be forewarned … these 20 brand-new poker games carry a high degree of risk-reward … because they require a different set of thinking skills. If you have skin in the game … it is likely that you will not be sitting around sucking on a toothpick … with any certainty of the outcome!!!

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