Ambush Power Art Objects

Ambush Power Art Objects

20 New Ambush Power Poker Games and Their Art Objects!

Art websites can be greatly improved with the addition of books from which art products can be developed and sold.

“Ambush Power  Poker” is such as example, presenting a new approach to over 20 new, exciting poker games … and the opportunity to sell relevant art objects.

People play poker games for many reasons. Surprise and power are two of them. Gambling is an option. Poker players share a common need for action, variety, and sheer joy.

Poker players also have a great fondness for the art attached to their game. The surprise and thrill of turning over the final card that brings the house down is like no other experience.

Ambush Power Poker is an unfolding mystery that carries each player … with mounting pressure and anticipation … to the end of their own game. Secrets and bluffing are not the experts in these games.

Lady Luck is definitely the “Mistress of Power” in these 20+ new poker card games.

Get this new book and start enjoying over 20 exciting, new types of poker games … by yourself … or with your friends:  Ambush Power Poker

And, here is the link to creating some exciting Poker Mugs Instructions  (Of course, these images can be put on T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Wall Art, etc.) … great for FAA websites!

Note: There is nothing stopping you from developing art from this new book.  I wrote it … and you certainly have my permission to develop some “poker art” to sell … my gift to you!

Prof. Mitchell Watrous

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