Two-Bet System


Here is how the Two Bet System works:

Every morning members receive two horse racing bets.

These bets are always advised at odds of 2.05 or higher, which means for every £1.00 ($1.20) you bet, you will receive at least £2.05 ($2.47) in return – which is more than double – when you win.

And to make an overall profit each day, all we need to do is win one out of every two bets – or hit a 50% strike rate – to make a profit – which we always do.

So in summary, each morning you will receive two bets, and only one of them needs to win, for us to make money.

And if both bets win that day, which also does happen frequently, then that means an even greater profit for us.

And by doing this day in day out the Two Bet System is able to deliver you £500 ($600.00) a week, or more.


You’ll be happy too … when you start winning!

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Happy Horse
Winning and Grinning